Classic car storage in Melton Mowbray

classic car at clawson self store

Storage for a classic car in melton mowbray is essential ahead of winter in order to to preserve our classic cars for suture years. They’re part of the family; that trusted companion that gets us from A to B in style (while turning a few heads in the process).

Classic Car Storage available in Melton Mowbray at a good price and on flexible terms. Contact Tom at , a new self storage business in the Vale of Belvoir, for more details.

So it’s only right we want the best for them.

Storage for a classic car in Melton Mowbray at night is all part and parcel of the relationship, especially during the harsh winter months when the cold weather can play havoc with the roads and our companion.

So here’s our tip-top guide to storing your classic car

  1. Give it a good clean inside and out;
  2. Wax-polish the bodywork; 
  3. Charge the battery; 
  4. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly;
  5. Change the oil, filter, and coolant.

Of course, you can always remove the battery if the car is going to be in storage for a considerable period of time.

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to get your car into safe secure, dry storage.

To find Storage for a classic car in Melton Mowbray, go to google maps

The older the car, the more care is required. Older cars and classic cars are much more vulnerable during winter. Getting them off the road and into somewhere dry and secure is essential in order to preserve their quality. For more details visit footmanjames

Clawson self store can help with this. Conveniently located between Nottingham and Melton Mowbray we offer new clean storage units for hire on flexible terms. Please visit for more details.

Citroen 2CV image illustrating Classic Car Storage at Clawson Self Store

Storage Dimensions for Classic Car Storage

Our storage units are 8ft wide or 2.4m. This is ample room given that most car are typically around 1.4m wide. Each unit has an 8 point ventilation system.

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  1. Nick Steans says:

    I need to store a 2001 porshe 911 carrera 4 for about 3 months, and would like to be able to take it out and check every few weeks- nothing to valuable, but its in good condition and want to keep it that way. Please can you give me a quotation. Regards Nick Steans

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