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De-cluttering your home? Need extra storage?

de-cluttering your home? need extra storage?

Thinking of de-cluttering your home and need extra storage? Good Housekeeping recommends these 20 easy de-cluttering tips. Once you have de-cluttered you may have excess furniture, collectibles and household items in your home and need somewhere to store them? Look no further than www.clawsonselfstore.co.uk. Here at www.clawsonselfstore.co.uk we have storage containers sized 20ft by 8ft. […]

Self Storage for Business

Storage for Business not just for personal use! Storage for Business is appropriate for all kinds of businesses. We store items for many different kinds, including: Estate Agents, Builders, Corporate Cleaners, DJs, Market Traders, Online Shops, Account Archivers and Antique Dealers to name a few. We find that when a business has a lot of equipment […]