Payments will be made by Direct Debit a month in advance.

You will have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A replacement key costs £10. This may take a few working days.

A replacement padlock and key will be charged at £45. You may not supply your own.

Our Self Storage Agreement requires you to either: accept our enhanced liability protection under StoreProtect; or arrange insurance at your own expense for your stated Maximum Reinstatement Value for the duration of storage.

Please refer to our StoreProtect page for more information

Some household policies include storage – check your policy.

There are many benefits offered by StoreProtect, including:
• StoreProtect does not exclude liability for damage caused by vermin like many insurance policies.
• If you make a claim against our liability under StoreProtect, your own household or business insurance policy no claims discount or claims experience will not be affected, which will reduce the possibility of large premium increases following a loss.
• Once you opt-in, StoreProtect is provided up to your Maximum Replacement Value for the duration of your storage period.
• If you do not opt for StoreProtect, you will need to ensure any insurance cover you arrange separately is renewed and remains valid.
• Claims under StoreProtect will be handled by a specialist claims adjuster named RCS on our behalf.

We must understand the total value of all goods stored with us, even if you arrange insurance elsewhere. It is, therefore, a requirement for all customers to declare a suitable Maximum Replacement Value and to ensure it remains adequate for the storage period.

Your Maximum Replacement Value must represent the total current cost of replacing all stored property as new, except the following items where the replacement cost is calculated differently:
• household linen and clothing, motorcars, motorbikes, boats, caravans, motorhomes and any other motorised vehicle, where the Replacement Value allows for the age, quality, degree of use, existing damage and consequent market value;
• any goods which cannot be purchased new (such as antiques or works of art, for example), where the replacement value shall be the current market value; and
• documents, where the Replacement Value shall be calculated as the physical cost of replacing the documents and/or cost of reprinting, re-issue and/or reconstitution, but excluding the value of the information contained in the documents

All customers are required to complete a Direct Debit mandate which is sent to all customers once they have booked a unit.

Yes. We require 14 day’s notice of leaving. If you move out before the end of the month you have already paid for, we’ll then refund any unused days back to you.


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