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Self Storage for Business

Storage for Business not just for personal use! Storage for Business is appropriate for all kinds of businesses. We store items for many different kinds, including: Estate Agents, Builders, Corporate Cleaners, DJs, Market Traders, Online Shops, Account Archivers and Antique Dealers to name a few. We find that when a business has a lot of equipment […]

Melton Mowbray Self Storage tips

Clawson Self Store suggest Melton Mowbray Storage tips as we want your self-storage experience to be as hassle free as possible. With this in mind we’ve come up with a few helpful pointers for you to consider with regard to Melton Mowbray Storage useful tips. Here are some helpful Melton Mowbray storage tips to consider […]

Classic car storage in Melton Mowbray

classic car at clawson self store

Storage for a classic car in melton mowbray is essential ahead of winter in order to to preserve our classic cars for suture years. They’re part of the family; that trusted companion that gets us from A to B in style (while turning a few heads in the process). Classic Car Storage available in Melton […]

Storage for House Movers

The recent government stamp duty relief in response to COVID 19 has seen a surge in houses on the market. This sort of surge in interest often generates the need for storage for house movers or house reorganisers. Clawson Self Store can help. Frequency of access to Storage The frequency with which you wish to […]